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Curious about how running your own retreat will benefit you and your business?

Do you want to host your own retreat BUT 

  • Are overwhelmed with this monumental task
  • Don't want to spend the money on a "how to plan a retreat course" and neither do you have the time for a nature retreat
  • Have no idea what a good itinerary and schedule would look like
  • Are unsure about the right retreat location 
  • Want to know how to price this right in order to make money
  • Have no experience managing group travel arrangements
  • Have no time answering a million questions your retreat tribe will have
  • Want help with managing the retreat in destination, making sure all is going smoothly, so you can focus on your clients and teaching

How TraWell helps you?

Retreat Planning

Customized Retreat Timeline

Determine Your Goal and Vision for the Retreat

Pick Retreat Location and Group Size

Design Your Retreat Itinerary and Activities

TraWell Retreat Marketing Plan to help you sell your retreat



Travel Management Solution

Negotiate Hotel Contract and Terms & Conditions

Manage Pre Travel Forms and Agreements

Manage Communication with the Retreat Hotel

Manage Retreat Participants Travel Arrangements incl payments

Seller of Travel Law & Insurance Coverage




In Travel Support

24/7 in travel support in case of disruptions or emergencies

Optionally traveling with you to manage all retreat needs in destination so you can focus on your clients



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