Hi, I am Julia, founder of TraWell Retreats. At TraWell Retreats we support busy and ambitious entrepreneurs create, plan and manage profitable and sold out retreats. A sold out Retreat can add $10,000 or more to your bottom line. But a sold out and lucrative retreat is A LOT of work

We believe that as a business owner and entrepreneur you should be able to focus on growing your business, teach and take care of your clients instead of trying to figure out where to go, what to do and to negotiate contracts with travel companies...

That is where the idea of TraWell Retreats was born. We are here to do the retreat work for you so that you don't have to and you can focus on your business and customers. 


Knowing your WHY is absolutely crucial to success. At TraWell Retreats we are driven by our values, focus on what matters and do what we love, daily!

Our TraWell Purpose is to 

  • Make a difference in your life, your business and your customer's experience
  • Support you unconditionally to achieve your goal a.k.a sold out retreat that people will remember forever
  • Be part of your success!

At TraWell we truly love what we do. We are passionate about people, success, travel and community! 

Something magical happens when you work with passion. It doesn't feel like work. Rather, it is a part of your life that you care about and you enjoy.

You are not dreading to log in the next morning, you're not staring at the clock waiting for 5pm to roll around. 

That is a pretty cool place to operate from!!

TraWell Retreats operates from a place of utmost integrity! Integrity towards our customers, our hotel and travel suppliers and your customers. We are committed do do what's right. We are in the business to make a difference in people's life and do the right thing, every single day and always!

... and in the end what matters is that we created and planned the retreat you envision and dreamt of. A retreat that excels your business to the next level. A Retreat that is sold out and impacts your customers lives. A Retreat that adds to your income. A Retreat we all can be proud of!

We enjoy every step of the journey!

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I have worked in the travel industry for pretty much my entire career and I genuinely loved it! I enjoyed creating incredible travel memories for customers, whether those were once in  lifetime bucket list trips or an annual family vacation.

I enjoyed being part of a travel company, supporting teams in the background contributing to everyone's successes.  

I enjoyed this until... I was completely burned out. I realised that no matter how hard and how much I'd work the impact would be minimal and my hands were tied. It was as if I am running on an escalator but in the opposite direction. 

And so I found myself in a bit of an identity crisis. Here I was, one day totally committed, loving my job and working incredibly hard. The next day I felt deflated, burnt out and questioning my abilities and true purpose.

I knew I had to do some soul searching and answering some tough questions.

I had to make a change.

I knew that my calling was to help like minded entrepreneurs growing their business. I thrive on being a support to a greater success. And I knew that I had to support the industry I love so much.

And with that TraWell Retreats was born. A travel company that designs, plans and manages impactful and profitable retreats for busy entrepreneurs so that they can grow their business, focus on their clients and make a big difference in this world. 

I am so honored that you are here and that I can be part of your journey, building your business and helping you create profitable and successful retreats. 



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