You can see yourself in a beautiful hotel on the beach along with your retreat participants that traveled all the way to spend time with YOU! They came to see you, to learn from you and experience a breakthrough guided by you. 

You have worked hard and long for this and you can feel the rewarding feeling of truly having made a difference in people’s lives. 

But you also want to leave this experience knowing all that preparation and hard work was worth your time and effort. You need to be sure you get paid appropriately. But how do you do that? How do you charge for your time, expertise and energy? 

Besides a strategy for your retreat, you need to have a budget strategy as well. This is typically not the most romantic part of your retreat planning but it is absolutely key to success! Here is how you develop a winning money making strategy for your retreat:


Don’t be shy about your worth!

This is usually an uncomfortable topic. Many retreat...

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4 Retreat Trends that will make you 5 figures in 2022


Retreats and in person workshops are hot right now. After almost 2 years at home, fairly restricted, people are craving to be away, to meet other people, seeing new things. Needless to say, the travel industry is booming and the travel for 2022 is hot!

But there is another thing people are looking for right now. During the last 2 years, people made a lot of self discovery. They started a business, worked on themselves and their relationships and realized  that they are just not happy with their status quo anymore. 

You have probably noticed that many people invested in coaches and advisors to propel them and to where they are envisioning to be. And this is the exact reason why you should be planning a retreat in 2022. This is your opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and you could be leaving some serious money off the table if you don’t. 

Are you not sure what retreats are in demand? What could you teach? We have gathered the top...

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retreat locations usa Sep 28, 2021

Top 4 Retreat Locations in the USA


To find your perfect retreat location you need to consider a few things. There is the weather and seasonality. Then there is access, meaning how easy it is t get t the chosen place. What hotels/resorts are available in the location and how does the location match up with what you are trying to accomplish. We look at every retreat in it own way and match it up with its ideal location. Nonetheless I have a few favorites that never disappoint! Today I would like to highlight my 4 favorite locations within the USA. 


1.) California

Why We It: California checks many boxes. The weather is gorgeous year around, depending on what season you are looking for. This is important since a lot of activities and experiences are typically outdoors. Talking about experiences and activities, California has a ton of those to offer. Beachfront Yoga and Meditation Classes, Wine Experiences and tastings, hiking and running or cooking, just to mention a...

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retreat planning Sep 21, 2021

 Planning a retreat or workshop is no small undertaking. It takes time to dream up the idea, think about your retreat concept and what you would like to teach. Then there is the research for the perfect location, looking at hotels, resorts and retreat center and comparing rates and signing and negotiating contracts with travel companies. The dreaded budget and pricing takes time to get together all expenses. Once the prep is done you will need to switch gears to focus your marketing in order to sell your retreat . Then there are the travel details. Booking your participants, making sure everyone is aware of all travel restrictions and requirements,  and all of this while you are working on what to teach and your day to day business. 

The key is to do all the above in an organized way and right order. In this blog post TraWell will give you a glimpse of what each planning phase entails.  

To start with, we divide each retreat plan into phases. Each phase has its...

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How to find your perfect retreat location in just 5 easy steps…


If you’ve ever wanted to know how to pick your ideal retreat location, then you’re reading the right article. That’s because you’re about to discover my easy five-step method for finding your ideal location.  

And the good news is that this method works even if you have no experience planning a successful and profitable retreat. 

Read on…

Step 1: Decide on the purpose/theme of your retreat. 


Many people who are new to planning a retreat don’t even realize that they need to do this step before they can pick they dream location. And that’s why a lot of people who try to have a sold out and profitable retreat end up failing – they’re simply missing this crucial step. 

So, the first thing you need to do is to figure out what you want to accomplish on your retreat and what do you want to teach. What do you want your retreat...

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Yes, the big wide world is appealing and we love to plan retreat all over the world. But planning your retreat domestically has its perks, especially right now.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons to plan your 2022 retreat and workshop in the US


#1 Covid- 19

Sadly, Covid is making the travel landscape very challenging. Entry protocols are changing on a regular basis. The following might sound a bit scary but unfortunately has become reality in our travel world and I want you to think about these things before deciding where to have your retreat:


  •  Most countries require a PCR test taken before 72 hours prior to entering. That itself is a nail biter… “Am I getting my test results back on time to get on that plan?”  “OMG what if the test comes back positive…?” 


  •  Some countries may require quarantine upon arrival which would delay your actual retreat/workshop program and will add to the overall cost because you...
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