Yes, the big wide world is appealing and we love to plan retreat all over the world. But planning your retreat domestically has its perks, especially right now.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons to plan your 2022 retreat and workshop in the US


#1 Covid- 19

Sadly, Covid is making the travel landscape very challenging. Entry protocols are changing on a regular basis. The following might sound a bit scary but unfortunately has become reality in our travel world and I want you to think about these things before deciding where to have your retreat:


  •  Most countries require a PCR test taken before 72 hours prior to entering. That itself is a nail biter… “Am I getting my test results back on time to get on that plan?”  “OMG what if the test comes back positive…?” 


  •  Some countries may require quarantine upon arrival which would delay your actual retreat/workshop program and will add to the overall cost because you will have to extend the stay to accommodate that delay. 


  •  There is also that hot topic vaccine which I will not get into, other than factually telling you that there are destinations and even hotels that do require a proof of vaccine. That, too is changing rapidly and it is impossible to predict that the place you choose today will not have certain requirement 6-9 months down the road. Keep in mind just because you may be vaccinated others might not be. 


  •  Another curveball could be potential border closures and local curfews. Think about the local medical infrastructure in case that is needed and the risk of having to quarantine for 14 days should you or one of your participant gets sick in destination.  

#2 Easy Travel

Traveling within the US is easy and straightforward. Not just are most locations close to airports so that your retreat participants can get in and out easily without connecting at different airports or spending many hours on a plane. 


Domestic travel doesn’t require a passport. You are well on your way with your government issues Driver License. 


One of my absolute favorite advantage is that there are no immigration lines upon arrival! You simply get off the plane and out of the airport. Magic! 

And lastly, no PCR test required to travel back home.*

#3 Cost

Traveling domestically can help with your cost as well. Most destinations are reachable by many airlines which makes it more competitive and the airline tickets will be more affordable in most cases. Some locations might even be drivable for your participants eliminating the the flying component all together.

#4 Discover domestic hidden gems

We all tend to travel to the far away and explore the world before we know our own country. The US has so much to offer. From stunning beaches, to mystical forest and mountain. There are incredible and breathtaking lakes and fun cities. There is literally there perfect spot for any of your fantastic retreats. Why not explore the US and give it a chance. Whether you want to be in a national park, close to a city or be the desert or maybe have your retreat right by the ocean, all is possible right here in the US.

The US also has some of the most incredible hotels and resorts waiting to make your retreat und unforgettable one. Check out my blog post about My Favorite 5 Hotels and Resorts for your retreats and workshops!  

Wherever you choose to have your retreat, schedule your FREE retreat strategy call today so we can chat and brainstorm about the options. We are cannot wait to start planning with you!


Julia @TraWell

[email protected]

* At time of writing this blog, USA requires a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to entering the united States.

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