4 Retreat Trends that will make you 5 figures in 2022


Retreats and in person workshops are hot right now. After almost 2 years at home, fairly restricted, people are craving to be away, to meet other people, seeing new things. Needless to say, the travel industry is booming and the travel for 2022 is hot!

But there is another thing people are looking for right now. During the last 2 years, people made a lot of self discovery. They started a business, worked on themselves and their relationships and realized  that they are just not happy with their status quo anymore. 

You have probably noticed that many people invested in coaches and advisors to propel them and to where they are envisioning to be. And this is the exact reason why you should be planning a retreat in 2022. This is your opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and you could be leaving some serious money off the table if you don’t. 

Are you not sure what retreats are in demand? What could you teach? We have gathered the top retreat trends for 2022 based on google searches and customer data. 

Here are some suggestions and ideas that might help you start planning your 2022 retreat!


Yoga & Meditation Retreats

One might think that the Yoga Retreat Market is well saturated. But that is not the case. Well over 9000 people search for “Yoga Retreats” every month. So, there is a lot of opportunity. Ideally your yoga retreat has a specific purpose or theme narrowed down. Examples for that could be “Yoga & Running, a yoga retreat for runner’s” or “Yoga Retreat for Weight loss” or “finding your inner calm with Yoga”. 

Yoga Retreats are best in a natural setting. Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii, National Parks in the US or something really unique like Africa.

If you are a Yoga Instructor and want to add income, you should start planning your 2022 retreat!

Weight loss and Detox Retreats

Weight loss and detox retreats offer a fantastic opportunity to people that need a complete reset. Oftentimes that is too hard in their surroundings at home and you as a coach have a great opportunity to set up the ideal environment for your clients to success. Goals can be easily accomplished when people are not amidst their crazy daily lives. You can work with them 1:1 and in group setting, have planned activities to teach them the tools they need to succeed at home. There are so many great resorts that complement this kind of a retreat and offer many tools and opportunities to help make this a super successful retreat

If you are a weight loss or health coach or a dietitian then this is your opportunity to create a truly impactful retreat in 2022!


Women's Retreats

Women’s Retreat are a huge opportunity right now! Most of the time women are pulled in all directions, having to be “on” all the time for kids, husband, work etc. They run the household, manage family activities, walk the dog, drive kids around and oh oftentimes work full time too. There is little to no time for themselves, for self care and self love. Women’s Retreats take care of that. They offer women a chance to take a break and focus on themselves. They can recharge and refocus to better function in their daily lives. Specifically women between 35-44 are seeking women’s retreat. 

These retreats can be held in the US set in nature and complemented with a great spa or these retreats can go abroad. Locations in Hawaii, Costa Rica and Mexico as well as Bali or Europe are great options. 

So, if you are a life coach or healer working with women and mothers this is a great opportunity to make your 2022 retreat come true!


Couples Retreats

Couples Retreats are really hot right now. Couples are looking for a couples retreats to work on their relationships and potentially save them. Taking couples out of their daily life, away for the craziness at home, chores, kids, work will offer them an opportunity to relax, open up about their wants and needs in the relationship and work through some stuff. 

Did you know that over 100,00 people search for “couples retreat” every month? That is over 100,00 potential customers and over 100,000 people that really need your help.

So if you are a relationship coach, life coach or marriage counselor, this is your opportunity to make money in 2022!


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