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Top 4 Retreat Locations in the USA


To find your perfect retreat location you need to consider a few things. There is the weather and seasonality. Then there is access, meaning how easy it is t get t the chosen place. What hotels/resorts are available in the location and how does the location match up with what you are trying to accomplish. We look at every retreat in it own way and match it up with its ideal location. Nonetheless I have a few favorites that never disappoint! Today I would like to highlight my 4 favorite locations within the USA. 


1.) California

Why We ❤️ It: California checks many boxes. The weather is gorgeous year around, depending on what season you are looking for. This is important since a lot of activities and experiences are typically outdoors. Talking about experiences and activities, California has a ton of those to offer. Beachfront Yoga and Meditation Classes, Wine Experiences and tastings, hiking and running or cooking, just to mention a few examples. 

Whether you are looking for a retreat location in the mountains, by a lake or enjoying incredible ocean scenery, California has it all. California is well connected and very easy to get to from pretty much anywhere. You will find multiple major airport (depending on what part of the state you are eyeing) such as San Francisco/SFO (Hello Wine Country Retreats!!!), Sacramento/SMF (Think Retreat on an emerald blue lake, Lake Tahoe, surrounded by mountain and forests) or going south LA and San Diego which are ideal for beach location retreats and workshops.  We talk about connectivity of a location a lot so that is a huge plus for the Golden State!

California offers many resorts and hotels that are ideal for your retreat or workshop. Whether that is a 5 star beachfront resort with private spaces to do your trainings and retreat events to small and cute little Inns that we can just buy out and use them for your event only!

Favorite Spots: Phew there are many but I love love love Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas. The fresh and crisp air, the majestic mountain and this beautiful blue lake are ideal for any health and wellness retreats or business coaching workshops. 

For Business Coaching Workshops I love Sonoma. The wine country has incredible resorts offering perfect spaces to learn and work, but also play after. With hot springs, indulgent spas and of course memorable wine experiences. 

Want to be by the beach? I love Monarch Beach in Southern California for any retreats or workshops wanting to be oceanfront to listen to waves crashing and smelling fresh ocean air. 

Best Time Have Your Event: Best time to have your event is spring, early summer and then again late summer and fall. 

Times to not as ideal are summer, when many tourist are all over the state and any times around National Holidays. 


2.) Arizona

Why We ❤️ It:

 🏜 Easy Access: Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. Airport is very well connected from many cities in the US and even international. You and your retreat participants won't have to connect multiple times and will have plenty of choice of airlines to get here. Once here hotels and resorts are within a short drive of the airport.


🏜 Hotel Heaven: There are so many phenomenal hotel options in and around Phoenix. Whether you chose minimalistic luxury or traditional desert vibe, there will be the perfect option for your retreat or workshop! Relaxing and calm hotels and resorts can be just a short drive from the airport which will make it super convenient for your people to get there.


🏜 Weather: The weather is (almost) always gorgeous. Avoid summer dates when it gets really hot but the rest of the year is just glorious! Schedule your retreat for late fall or winter to entice clients from colder states to enjoy some sun!


🏜 Activities: When planning a retreat or workshop you always want to keep in mind what else there is to do. We want to make sure we have activities and experiences in the area that complement the goal of the retreat/workshop. Phoenix and surroundings have many activities to offer that can be included in your retreat. Hiking amazing mountains, desert adventures, spas and culinary experiences are just a few examples.


Favorite Spots: If you are looking for easy access and great hotels and resorts then Phoenix and Scottsdale are fabulous! Just a short ride from the airport, surrounded by mountains most resorts offer beautiful views, inviting pools and private spaces for your event. 

For longer events and ideal for health and spiritual retreats, Sedona is the spot. Sedona is known for its vortexes, spoiling visitors with breathtaking views and charming hotels and resorts equipped with spas, private spaces and lots of outdoor venues,


Best Time Have Your Event: Arizona can get quite hot with temperatures well over 100F consistently throughout the summer. Plus, did you know that Arizona has a monsoon season in the summer? Best to skip that. Best times to enjoy the desert in all its glory is spring and fall. Winter can get chilly and might not be the hot and sunny place you envision 


3.) Hawaii

Why We ❤️ It: 

🌺 Weather: We love the consistent weather in Hawaii. With close to 280 sunny days per year and an average temperature of 80F makes Hawaii a heaven for outdoor events. Its tropical climate, palm trees and ocean will provide an incredible scenery for your retreat or workshop. 


🌺 Food: boasting with incredibly delicious fresh fruits and vegetables and international cuisine Hawaiian food never disappoints. Whether you are a meat love or prefer fish or perhaps even eat vegan, Hawaii has a lot of great restaurants to offer. Food and restaurants can be pricey.


🌺 Hotels & Resorts: I love the resorts Hawaii has to offer. Many options are very set up for retreats and workshops with a professional team on property to handle the event. Many hotels are beachfront or just a short stroll away from the beach. They offer pools and spas to relax after a full day of learning and transforming. 


🌺 Activities: Another big plus for Hawaii are all the group activities available. Some of my favorites are boat tours with your retreat family, surf lessons, helicopter tours or exploring the mountains and canyons. 


Favorite Spots: One of my favorite island for retreats and workshops is Maui because of its versatility. Lot’s of nature, incredible beaches and also remote locations but yet a great infrastructure and easy to plan and manage a retreat. Oahu/Waikiki is a bit tricky. It gets very busy and the only more removed option is the North Shore. 


Best Time Have Your Event: Pretty much all year around but it is advised to avoid summer holiday season, and national holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas is very very busy. Keep in mind also that Hawaii is a popular vacation spot and hotels book up fast. Consider that for your planning timeline.

4.) Utah

Why We ❤️ It: Nature, Nature, Nature. Utah alone has 5 National Park and many more State Parks. The sheer beauty of the canyons and rocks as they are changing colors is something unforgettable. If your retreat is set out to have great outdoor adventure, then that is the right place. 


Utah also offers a great choice of Retreat Resorts and Hotels that are well equipped to accommodate your retreat. These resorts offer packages including resort credits, spa packages, or organized activities. You will also have plenty of private spaces for your group to get together. 


We really like Utah for any health, fitness or spiritual retreats.


Favorite Spot: We love Red Mountain Resort. Located in St. George, UT, is ideal located for a retreat. It offers retreat packages, private spaces to teach and get together as a group and is a true outdoor playground. There is a big focus on healthy food and really feeling well. We loved the Retreat Packages that really customize the experience for your group!

Best Time Have Your Event: Late spring to early fall. It gets cold and snowy in the winter.

Wherever you choose to have your retreat, schedule your FREE retreat strategy call today so we can chat and brainstorm about the options. We are cannot wait to start planning with you!


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